Lehenga Look: Stunning Dupatta Styles to Elevate Your Ensemble

Lehenga Look: Stunning Dupatta Styles to Elevate Your Ensemble

Lehenga cholis are the epitome of traditional Indian fashion, combining elegance with grandeur. While the lehenga and choli form the base of the outfit, it’s the dupatta that often completes the look. The way you drape your dupatta can significantly enhance your overall appearance. Let's explore some stunning dupatta styles that can make your lehenga look truly captivating.

1. The Classic Side Drape

One of the most timeless ways to drape a dupatta is the classic side drape. This style is perfect for those who want to maintain a traditional look while adding a touch of elegance. To achieve this style, simply pleat your dupatta neatly and pin it on one shoulder, allowing it to cascade down the side. This draping style works exceptionally well with heavily embroidered or embellished dupattas, highlighting the intricate designs.

2. The Front Flow

For a modern twist on the traditional lehenga, try the front flow dupatta style. This look involves draping the dupatta from one shoulder and letting it fall gracefully over the front of the lehenga. The front flow style adds a contemporary vibe and is perfect for showing off detailed work on both the dupatta and the lehenga.

3. The Double Dupatta Style

For brides or those attending grand occasions, the double dupatta style is a show-stopper. This involves draping one dupatta traditionally over the head or shoulder and using a second dupatta to create a dramatic effect. The second dupatta can be draped around the body or let flow freely, adding volume and a regal touch to the ensemble.

4. The Belted Dupatta

Incorporating a belt into your lehenga look can add a chic and contemporary twist. The belted dupatta style involves draping the dupatta over one shoulder and securing it at the waist with a belt. This not only keeps the dupatta in place but also accentuates the waistline, giving a structured and fashionable appearance.

5. The Cape Dupatta

For those who love experimenting with unique styles, the cape dupatta is a perfect choice. This involves draping the dupatta over both shoulders like a cape, creating a dramatic and stylish look. The cape dupatta style is ideal for lehengas with minimal embellishments, as it adds a layer of sophistication and flair.

6. The Over-the-Head Drape

The over-the-head dupatta drape is a traditional and modest style that exudes grace and elegance. This style is perfect for weddings and religious ceremonies. To achieve this look, drape the dupatta over your head, letting it fall evenly on both sides. This not only covers the head but also frames the face beautifully.

7. The Lehenga Trail

For a fairy-tale-inspired look, the lehenga trail dupatta style is an excellent choice. This involves letting the dupatta flow behind you like a trail, adding a royal and ethereal touch to your outfit. This style is particularly stunning with long, flowing dupattas made from light fabrics like net or chiffon.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dupatta Style

  • Match the Occasion: Choose a dupatta style that suits the event. For example, opt for traditional drapes for weddings and religious functions, and experiment with modern styles for parties and receptions.
  • Consider the Fabric: Lighter fabrics like chiffon and georgette are easier to drape and style, while heavier fabrics like silk and velvet add more grandeur.
  • Complement the Lehenga: Ensure the dupatta complements the lehenga in terms of color, fabric, and embellishments. A well-coordinated look enhances the overall appearance.


The dupatta is a versatile accessory that can transform your lehenga look from simple to stunning. Whether you prefer traditional drapes or modern styles, there’s a dupatta draping technique to suit every occasion and personal preference. Experiment with these stunning dupatta styles to elevate your lehenga ensemble and make a lasting impression.

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